Review Format

Updated January 2015: I am working on updating this blog to include program and storytime planning.  I will keep reviewing books and materials for children but less frequently as a stand-alone post.  Often, materials will be reviewed as they were used in programming or storytimes.

Prior to 2015: In general, these reviews are my opinion colored by what I learned in grad school.  Comments about the potential uses of the books (or other materials) are just musings on how I would, could, or have used them.  Where necessary to distinguish materials intended for an older audience (or a very young one), I have included suggested age ranges; I try to refrain from doing so as all children are different and it’s up to parents and teachers to distinguish what is appropriate for each individual.

That being said, each review starts with bibliographic information followed by a brief synopsis and then potential uses.  Each review is also categorized, sometimes in multiple ways, for easy collocation.

Because this blog reviews materials for children, I hold all comments for moderation to ensure that they are appropriate for all audiences.  I automatically delete spam messages.  Comments that do not adhere to common “netiquette” or which do not contain supporting evidence when expressing opposing viewpoints will not be published.  No published comments are edited.

By the way, some of the books, especially the Newbery Award winners, are also reviewed in my young adult book blog, which includes materials appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students.  You can read them here:


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