Oh Wilbur!

January 9, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Wilbur by head writer Kate Barris; Discovery Kids; 2007; released on DVD in 2009.

Wilbur is a cow who lives on a farm with his barnyard friends.  Did I mention that they are all puppets?  The gentle voices sound like real children and seem to range in age from preschoolers to maybe first graders.  They are an active bunch—the episode I watched had them participating in “play day” which included a sack race.  “Read a Book” was a song they sang when one of Wilbur’s friends had a problem to solve.  When they read the book, we could occasionally follow along with the words being pointed to by Wilbur.  As the story progressed, Wilbur’s “hand” turned the pages.

I like that the show includes the act of reading—pointing to the words and turning pages.  The characters even referred back to the book when they needed to remember an answer to a question.  There were lessons about fair play and friendship as well—the characters laughed even when they lost the race.  Live action children, included in short clips, appear to be in early elementary school; they discussed the problems that the animals worked through.

I can imagine combining digital copies of the show with books about the same topics discussed in each episode.


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